Focus on landscaping

  Landscaping is probably the first and most important part to consider when deciding to decorate our garden. By landscaping we mean how we can best allocate our space so that we have a uniform and harmonious effect and therefore a beautiful and functional garden. The two main elements that make up a garden are: the "green" space (that is, the part that you will dedicate to planting your plants) and the "living space" (where you will put your furniture set).

 There are many options for landscaping:

  • "Lay down" the garden with slabs or teak wood in the center (where the furniture set will also be installed) and flower beds with plants and trees around.  

  •  Lawn planting in most of the garden. In this case lawn is the dominant element, and it is possible to add other plants at various points. In terms of furniture, a wooden deck can be constructed or slabs laid out and placed there. Either stone or pavement slabs can be used for easier access.




  •  Stricter separation of the two spaces, with the "living space" occupying the larger portion and the "green" confined to specific points of the garden, giving a more geometric appearance.



  So once you have done the above, you can then add additional items such as a fireplace, barbecue, maybe a pool or a pond, and more. 


 Plants are one of the main protagonists of the garden, so it is important to choose them wisely. Often we make the mistake of choosing plants spontaneously because we like them individually, without, however, thinking about how they will all look together. So, the next time we plan to buy plants for the garden, we should keep in mind that they also work as decorative elements. It is important, therefore, to ensure that they are intertwined in terms of colors, shapes, textures and, in general, to create a beautiful aesthetic result, always in the light of the particular climatic conditions of each region.

   The latest trends in garden decoration center around plants with geometrical shapes, such as palm trees, cacti, succulents, tropical plants, and grass-like ones such as lemongrass and squash, which produce a modern effect and generally have small demands in terms of care.


 Lemongrass acts as an insect repellent, repelling mosquitoes. It can also be used in many recipes.

 Another popular plant in recent years is bamboo, which can create tall and dense fences, making it an original alternative to the classic fence plant options (leyland, etc.).



         tropical plants



  If you want your garden to have a more distinctive aesthetic, it is essential that the materials you choose be as natural as possible. The number one material used in new modern gardens is teak wood, and can be found both on deck floors, fences, and outdoor furniture. Teak wood is admittedly a very elegant but at the same time expensive choice. 

Fortunately, there are more economical alternatives to replace it with, such as wooden tiles, which can be used to make a deck, as well as ceramic wood-like tiles (which also require less maintenance). Other natural materials that give an equally modern look are: stone, pebbles, gravel, and even cement (for example cement benches). 



 construction with wooden tiles




   If you want to add an element to your garden beyond the ordinary, you can do it by making an outdoor fireplace. The outdoor fireplace has both decorative and utilitarian value: it is original, creates warmth and enables us to enjoy our garden almost all year - from autumn through winter, and from spring to those chilly summer nights when the temperature drops.




  The easy and economical alternative to the classic built-in fireplace is the eco-fireplace, or bioethanol fireplace. The bioethanol fireplace has the advantages of adding warmth to the space and the particular style created by the fire, coming in many dimensions and shapes and can be easily moved wherever we wish. As for prices? Bioethanol table fireplaces start at just 25 euros. 





  Only few things create the feeling of coolness and serenity that water creates and you can have that feeling in your garden every day, by adding water elements. There are many ways to do this, one of which is with a swimming pool. Contrary to the general belief that building a pool requires a lot of space, the latest trends featuring pools in small gardens are becoming more and more popular, often resulting in a more modern and impressive experience.

 Another way to add coolness and serenity to the garden is by making a pond. There are several ways to do this: either by making the classic stone pond (a construction that can be done relatively easily by the man of the house), or by choosing to decorate the garden with more modern ponds, which remind us of tiny swimming pools and can even host small fish.   

pond with stones and pebbles

 ponds with modern design 

               with pebbles     

               over the ground 


  As in the decoration of the balcony , also in the decoration of the garden, the aim is to create a beautiful space which we will sit down to enjoy and therefore a good furniture set is essential. The type of furniture is a matter of personal choices and needs. Some suggestions could be: a living room set, a table with chairs, sun loungers or even a built-in terrace with a lounge table. The key, however, in this case is to opt for natural materials, avoiding plastics, and playing with original design furniture or vibrant colors to give intensity and interest.







 No matter how impressive our garden looks throughout the day, the evening will lose a bit of its glam if we fail to light it up properly. There are many options for garden lighting, such as large spots (which are ideally directed at points we wish to emphasize, such as trees, stone walls, etc.) and small spotlights placed on terraces or along the ground, giving a very elegant result. We can also use led strips, candles, sun lanterns or even make our own lanterns from different materials.  



 led solar lights

                paper lanterns

                   stone wall lighting with spotlights


In addition to buying everything you need for the garden, you can try and make your own D.I.Y.s, so the result will be even more special.

  A shelving stand + a light lantern = original and economical pendant lantern for the garden or the terrace! If we decide to make more than one, it will result in a soft lighting for our garden (and don't forget the romantic atmosphere).  

 Alternatively, we can use metal hooks and solar lanterns.


  Who would have imagined that our old pots could come back to life ... as garden tables? All it takes is a little bit of paint and some other simple materials to have a new table in a little while, which also acts as a decorative element.

See  here  the tutorial on how to build these beautiful tables.


Another way to build decks, in addition to the ones described above, is to use pallets, which in recent years have become very popular in diy constructions. What you need to take care of is to fasten them securely, both on the ground and between them, to remove any nails that may protrude for safety and paint them at the color of your choice, or even add stencil designs (see here how to make your own stencils). Finally, since they will be outdoors, it is advisable to use a protective varnish.

 Probably the simplest bench tutorial, made easily and with simple materials. Here you will find both the basic construction instructions as well as ways on how to achieve a more refined result, tailored to your own style of decoration.

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