It is a fact that the majority of houses are furnished with wooden furniture in dark colors, which, however are often not well highlighted as they should. Wall color plays an important role in the proper decoration with wooden furniture and this is because, if chosen properly, it has the ability to 'highlight' the natural shades and waters of a wooden piece of furniture. In today's post, I present you the top 6 colors that suit and 'highlight' in the best way possible your wood furniture.

Earthy orange 

  Orange is a vibrant color that adds vitality to a space and enhances the feeling of warmth that wood creates, thus tying up particularly well with wooden furniture. For a natural and timeless result turn to more earthy  to slightly brownish shades of orange, like terracotta.




   A combination which comes directly from nature, green color goes perfectly with wood, while adding a relaxed feeling in the space. Ideal colors are the sophisticated olive green and the cool green of mint, which go well with both dark and light-colored wood. 





   Purple is considered a classy color that exudes luxury and is definitely is a particular choice. If you decide to go for it, opt for darker shades, such as aubergine and plum, which give a particularly elegant effect. If you are looking for something more "fresh", lavender purple gives an equally beautiful effect.  




   Cool and serene, blue is a very good choice for country-style and beach houses. Moreover, by combining it with other colors, you can achieve a lot of different results: from navy blue to blue-green and from turquoise to blue-gray, the options are endless.





 Beige and taupe

   Beige and taupe are among the neutral colors and they match most decorating styles, making them a safe option, which is ideal in case you would like to avoid the classic white. In order to create the perfect background for your furniture, avoid yellowish beige shades and opt for brownish, beige / gray or greige shades instead. 




   If you target a more modern look, gray is an ideal color. Whatever shade you choose, from the lighter, such as gray / beige or cement gray to the darker, like charcoal gray, combine it with white accents which will create the necessary contrast.





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