Renewed, the Inspire and Create returned dynamically with a new name (Decorate and Create), new management and brand new post on one of your favorite subjects: Colors walls! After the posts Top 6 Colors walls with matching wooden furniture  and  tribute to wall Colors: Pink that you loved, this time we came to suggest ideas and combinations of two 'outsider' colors: dark gray and black! 

They might initially appear demanding in their combination, but the truth is that the dark shades have the opportunity to take the lead with different color schemes and to impart a unique character and personality to your space! 

The Decorate and Create has found for you the best combinations of colors and materials for black and dark gray walls and your presents. 

Dark shades and pastels

Perhaps the sweetest combination is that of dark colors with pastel colors such as dusty pink (dusty pink), lilac, turquoise and green mint. The pastel shades add a freshness to the space, while dark add character and balancing effect, preventing it from being reminiscent nursery.






Dark shades & all time classic l efko

An all time classic combination is black with white, is a safe and timeless choice for your space, whether it be living room, bedroom or office. 





Dark shades and elements in natural and metallic colors

If you wish to give a more industrial touch to your décor, then the combination of dark shades with natural or minerals is definitely something you should try. You can choose among a wide range of natural and metallic shades of bronze, until golden and Inox - all of them perfectly matched with the black and dark gray. 





Dark shades and bright colors

Last but not least, a combination for decoration adventurous, this is the dark walls with bright colors such as emerald green, yellow, teal or purple. If combined properly, the result can be really impressive. If you think you dare not hesitate to seek help from a specialist, for perfect results. 




Which of the above is your favorite combination? We will be glad to hear your opinion in the comments.

Photo source: Pinterest

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